The Folly of Youth
Season 1, Episode 37
Air date 27 September 1994
Written by Susan Hore
Directed by Steve Mann
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Adverse Possession
Face Value


Two missing girls cause suspicion to be placed in an unfair direction when the Blue Heelers are looking for suspects.


Richard Huggett as Det. Const. Sean Neale

David Wenham as William Cassidy

David Glazebrook as Det. Sgt. Grantham

Paul Roberts as Noel Hawkins

Fred Barker as Vince Cassidy

Libby Stone as Fay Cassidy

Peter Edmunds as Max Geary

Joanna Cooper as Liz Geary

Miranda Barber as Rhoda Hawkins

Andrea McEwan as Joanne Foster

Livinia Nixon as Becky


David Wenham will return in season as Maggie's brother, Robbie.

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